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Mybkexperience: Burger King is an American chain of restaurants that offers its customers a variety of fast food, but specializes mainly in hamburgers and French fries. The Burger King restaurant was founded in 1953 in Jacksonville, Florida. The restaurant’s headquarters are located at 5505 Blue Lagoon Drive, Miami County, Florida in the United States. Burger King Restaurants are well known for serving high quality food, excellent flavor and at very low cost. The chain of restaurants called Burger King offers high quality food to a large number of customers who visit them regularly and their mission is based on personalizing the meals they offer their customers to provide a healthy lifestyle to all their customers.

Following this mission, the fast food chain called Burger King in 2016 took out a consumer satisfaction survey called MyBkExperience. The survey is to know how customers feel about their services and products. Customer feedback helps the company meet customer expectations. The Survey is an online mode in which the company directly asks some simple questions regarding your experience and the survey gives you the opportunity to express your opinion without interruption.

These satisfaction surveys are being used by a wide variety of companies for this way of knowing what their customers say about their services and their products. This survey helps small businesses as well as large companies. This is because it helps companies to better understand the concerns, needs and desires of the client regarding their products and services. In this way, companies that use this method of satisfaction surveys for their clients can use positive comments to help customers make a selection of products and services to improve customer expectations. Customer satisfaction can improve the turnover of companies, as well as improve customer loyalty.

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The Burger King Customer satisfaction survey is a great opportunity for customers to express their opinions and allow the company to further improve its services and products. Participating in the survey takes only a few minutes and when you participate, the company called Burger King offers you a valid Burger King receipt on the next purchase. In the same way, as a token of appreciation for your time and comments, the company offers a validation code with which you can get an offer on your next visit.

Now the question is how to participate in the survey of Burger King called MyBkExperience, to participate in this survey is necessary to meet a series of requirements, which are:

  1. A recent Burger King receipt.
  2. A fast Internet service.
  3. A computer or smart phone to navigate the site.
  4. A few minutes to spare.
  5. To be over 18 years old

Instructions for conducting the Burger king survey:

  • Go to the survey page at official website.
  • Cookies and the latest JavaScript version are required to access the site
  • On the welcome page, you must enter the date, time and restaurant number on your receipt.
  • You will also be asked about the survey code.
  • Press START to start the survey.
  • Evaluate your overall satisfaction according to the last visit.
  • Indicate the type of order by choosing among the options.
  • Evaluate your approval of specific items in the restaurant, including food and staff.
  • Given everything you have witnessed, evaluate the probability that you will return within a month.
  • Virtually the entire menu will appear in the list. Verify everything that was included in your order.
  • They are particularly interested in their level of satisfaction with their hamburgers. Provide your honest opinion.
  • More specific questions will be asked on the next page. Indicate your level of satisfaction with the size of the item, its appearance, its value, its taste.
  • Indicate the probability that you will buy it again.
  • Describe the Burger King workers you went to in a general sense
  • Indicate that you found the survey called MyBkExperience.
  • Answer the classification questions.
  • Explain your qualifications more deeply.
  • Get your validation code and use it accordingly.


The MyBkExperience survey covers different aspects of the experience of being a Burger King Customer, this survey includes the general qualification of the customers about the quality of the food, the speed of service, the comfort and cleanliness of the restaurant and any complaints that they may have. The company must do this because it allows it to better understand the requirements and concerns of the client and helps to configure its policies. Through this survey, it is intended to improve the competence and satisfaction of all the guests, in this way more resources can be designated to certain activities or to certain resources, in order to achieve a better customer satisfaction.

The MyBkExperience customer satisfaction survey receives feedback while people are willing to listen to the opinions and ideas of all their customers and take into account the opinions of customer’s helps the company grow. You can participate in the MyBkExperience customer satisfaction survey at

Burger King is a well-known restaurant in the United States that is visited by more than 11 million people daily in the multiple venues that it has around the world. Daily this well-known restaurant that was founded in 1953 in Jacksonville, Florida; revises its menus to be able to adapt them to a more diverse public, in order to satisfy all the needs and desires of the clients. The Burger King menu has expanded from a basic offer of hamburgers, fries, soft drinks and smoothies to a broader and more diverse set of products. The Burger King serves different types of burgers such as beef burgers, chicken burgers, vegetarian burgers and their well-known burgers called whoppers. It also offers a variety of desserts, coolers and hot beverages.

Thanks to customer satisfaction surveys, the company named Burger King was able to get away from its original menu that was designed for men and was able to introduce new elements to improve the quality and presentation of their packaging and products. Thanks to this approach, the Burger King Company was able to expand to more than 100 countries; currently, this company has more than 16,000 stores around the world.

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