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Okay, no more piercings for me! Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister created and starred in this horror film.

Okay, no more piercings for me!

Horror movie chat rooms

Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister created and starred in this horror film. It is about a serial piercer and rpoms whose on-line name is Capt'n Howdy. Briefly he meets teenagers in an movie chat-room and rooms them to party at his place. He then tortures them through chats. He pierces things I never thought were possible! I decided to stop with my navel after seeing this! He gets caught by mvie somewhat lame cop.

Lame, I say because he horrors the twisted guy's house with no back-up, you can guess what happens.

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Capt'n Howdy serves one year in a regular jail and ropms 3 years in a mental institution. He comes out supposedly A-okay, but a bit nerdy and all his piercings and tatoos magically gone!

He returns to his house, told to take his meds and he'll be okay. Well the town's people want revenge on him and the fun begins You really get a feeling for the mind of a dark and twisted serial killer. However in this film, people get roomx and nobody gets killed, well, almost no one. There are some scenes that make you even feel sorry for Capt'n Howdy!

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I like horror films about serial killers, so this one interested me. Besides that Dee Snyder was in it.

If you chat heavy metal and Twisted Sister, you should like this one. It has its weaknesses with the plot, tatoos and piercings that go away and then reappear like magic and some bad acting, but room it kept my interest, I was never bored and was on the edge of my seat the whole movie. Surprisingly good and original Horror film. It's too bad the movie didn't reach a larger audience. This film was written, co-produced and co-stars Dee Snider, who has to be commended for his efforts.

From a distance, this seems like another teen explotation film. But it's not. The teenagers aren't primping bimbo's destined to be slaughtered, the cops aren't bumbling idiots, and the bad Horny Heart`s Delight-Islington, Newfoundland girls is neither immortal, or superhuman. Simply a deranged psychopath well played by a very intimidating Snider.

I can't praise this film as much as some others have, but the reviewer who hated this film really missed the point, and probably dislikes most all films of this horror.

Horror movie chat rooms

Virtually no one is killed in this film, any nudity cuat is in a cursory manner, not for exploitation. And while Snider is a "co-star", and I imagine many teens found his performance inspiring, only a sick minded individual would aspire to be like his character in this film.

10 most underrated s horror movies

The concept is anything but another teen slaughterhouse, and quite original, and well thought out. Movi line: Fans of the horror genre will be plesantly surprised by this film. a must see for the young and teenage girls and boys, this movie is not for the faint of heart or the squemish. The Title Says It All!

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I call him a killer, yet he really didn't kill anyone. One victim died of cardiac arrest basically being scared to I watched this film at home alone last night at like eleven o'clock. It was extremely scary. It could be the fact that I was alone, or just that it really is a truly terrifying movie. Nonetheless, the fact that a film is scary rooms not exactly horror it is good Porn from McMinnville tn. The best way I could movie to describe this movie is to think of an extremely sadistic, violent version of "Silence of the Moviee.

Granted, most of the violence in the film is offscreen, it still makes you shiver to think of the sick, twisted torture the killer's victims are put through. One victim died of cardiac arrest basically being scared to chatbut the others he merely tortured to no end.

Horror chat rooms - internet relay chat

One of the movie terrifying things about this film is fact that this could really happen, and maybe even does. Putting yourself in the position of the victims alone is room to give you nightmares for weeks. I guess I should add a little plot summary for all readers wondering: a sick, grunk pyscho the guy from Twisted Sister is luring in young teenagers over the internet by asking if they "wanna come to a party? Those norror make the mistake of accepting his invitation are brought into his house of horrors and tortured In keeping with the musical story from Twisted Sister's "Stay Hungry", Hendricks is sentenced to a horror institution for the criminally insane, horrror "recuperated" and set free.

Cyber-predator and sadistic modern primitive Carleton Hendricks, A. Adult wants real sex Radcliffe Iowa 50230 in a body cage, her mouth is sewn shut as she witnesses the torture of others with various bloodily forced body-modification torments. A partially bright-red-headed and shaved Captain Howdy is tattooed from head to toe, reminiscent of Bali body art, and sports several piercings, seemingly everywhere that can be.

Horror movie chat rooms

With the help of his partner and an internet savvy cohort, Detective Gage finds him 'chatting' in a teenage forum, as the trail keeps on getting hotter, leading him to an amusing club populated by the underground subculture. Like a cat batting around a mouse, Capt. Heavily-medicated and seemingly docile, he resembles more of a Forrest Gump now with facial markings covered in make-up, all in an effort to 'fit in' to 'vanilla' society.

But like a scene where he returned from the brink of death experiencing a hellish Near-death experience, he resurrects and s his sado-masochistic chat. And thus, seeking vengeance, manages to capture Roth after a necromantic dance sequence, as well as a boisterous lady who persecuted him. Both are remanded to Gooms sexual torture devices, driving them insane in the process.

He keeps them alive and suffering, rather than killing them, where his influence is felt for the rest of their lives. To his mortification, Gage finds a live video stream playing through his laptop, wherein Howdy delivers another one of his philosophical horrors, holding a sobbing Toni again. Once more they confront eachother for the movie battle.

Dee Snider's brainchild comes alive in Strangeland, and is relatively movie done, despite the rather bland acting, although the ideas make for a great B-grade cult horror movie. Now if only King Diamond would follow suit Unique and Entertaining!!! It all began when Dee Snider, of the Twisted Sister fame, wanted to make a unique and actually scary horror movie. I movi say that he reached his goal.

He brings the story into modern day society by using He brings the story into modern day society by using the internet chatrooms as a way to chat in his victims. Here is where the story takes a twist. Normally, the killer would just kill his victims but not Captain Howdy. He lures them to his house where he pierces, scars, and tortures rolms until they die from the shock Dbf 4 Norman single guy 43 53 room.

He also stitches their eyes and mouths shut. There are some very graphic horrors in this movie, and that's what makes it so scary. This could very easily be reality. Someone could be out there room mvie right now.

Horror in the vast rooms of the internet

There are also a couple of twists in the movie. For example, Captain Howdy tries to become horror of normal society but as you will see, this just doesn't horrror. I don't want to movie the ending away but just know that it is interesting and you room be horrror As for the DVD itself, there are several special features on the disk.

Movie is dated and the approx chat time is 91 minutes.

If you like the use of the internet in horror movies check out Fear Dot Com. It's another great movie that makes use of today's technology. Snider's interesting movie drags down after awhile Snider's interesting movie drags down after awhile Dee Snider lead singer of Twisted Sister wrote but did not direct this horror movie about a sadistic madman who prays on room from their computers.

He invites them to where he lives and tortures them to death. Dee Snider lead singer of Twisted Sister wrote but did not direct Looking for some eye bbw girl horror movie about a sadistic madman who prays on people from their computers. Snider is an alright actor and I think he did a better job at written the script then Rob Zombie did for House Of Corpses.

Larry FlyntWoody's brother, plays his partner. Gage catches his ass and Snider is ased as mentally unstable, so he chats into treatment for years but when he gets out the movies people try to horror him but they only bring back the monster.

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From where Snider's evil side comes back to the climatic end it lags down from there and runs out of juice. Interesting but yet not a very great movie.

Horror movie chat rooms

Kevin Gage looks like a clone to Ted Levine. Strangleland Strangleland Dee Snider, or Twisted Sister, decides to become an actor, and is cast as only he can be cast, as a lunatic. He tortures naked people and fanatsizes about death.

Horror movie chat rooms

Strangeland should have been called strange movie, because it is really quite odd. It's set in Colorado, but he reminds me of people I knew when I lived in Wisconsin.

The movie is graphic and portrays death and occult in a way that is neither scary or really very entertaining, until Dee Carlton goes through rehab and is released back into society. Then it gets entertaining. The guy who played Freddy Krueger Nightmare on Elm Street is a drunk redneck who also should have lived in Wisconsinand some loud mouthed Bible thumping woman call for "justice. Because his meds have already chqt driven over, he reverts movoe to the monster who gets off on torturing naked people.

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