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DgCustomerFirst: The website called dgcustomerfirst invites us to participate in a survey called Dollar General Costumer first. This web page continuously makes many efforts to improve and maintain the level of satisfaction of its customers in the highest standards, for this reason, I create through this web page, a survey called Dollar General costumer first (DGcustomerfirst), as mentioned above.

Dollar General Costumer first (DGcustomerfirst) is a satisfaction survey that is applied to all dgcustomerfirst customers. This survey gathers the views and opinions that the client has about the service provided by the aforementioned company. Through this survey, it is intended to improve the competence and satisfaction of all the guests, in this way more resources can be designated to certain activities or to certain resources, in order to achieve a better customer satisfaction.

Dollar General costumer first (DGcustomerfirst) is an innovative alternative designed by the company Dollar General Store, with the purpose of giving each client the opportunity to talk about their opinions and their ideas about the products and services that were provided during their stay at the aforementioned company. In this way, the company collects all the necessary information about the tastes of the client regarding its products and services, as well as collects information on the areas that need to be improved, as well as what services require improvement and which products must be improved to obtain a greater satisfaction of the needs and desires of the client.

DgCustomerFirst – Dollar General Survey at www.dgcustomerfirst.com


Since the company started with this survey, the company has constantly modified its products and its services and has also expanded it, in order to meet all the needs and desires of the customer. It should be noted that this survey takes only a few minutes to complete it. In addition to this, the survey called Dollar General Costumer first (DGcustomerfirst) asks simple and easy-to-answer questions, in order to obtain all the necessary information about the customer’s experience when visiting the company.

In the same way, to protect the client’s privacy, all personal data of the client is kept confidential and anonymous, in order to motivate clients to give constructive criticism without fear of reprisals. In this way, if customers participate in the survey, they help the company grow and the company can expand its products and its services.

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In this sense, your participation in the survey will help the company grow. In addition, you will receive a confirmation code, which you can use on your next visit to your local Dollar General. To redeem, you only need to write the code in the space provided on your Dollar General Store receipt.

Now the question is how this survey called Dollar General Costumer first (DGcustomerfirst) originated. This survey was designed by the company called Dollar General Store; this company is a corporation of the United States. Dollar General Store is a set of American chains that began in 1939 by J.L. Turner. Today, this renowned company has more than 10.000 stores around the United States. Currently, the director of the chain of stores is called Michael Calbert, who is the president and CEO of the chain of stores Dollar General is Todd Vasos. Dollar General Store is a store of various items, said store sells clothing, beauty items, household items, pet supplies, food, and toys, among other products.

This is something very simple to do and it will be explained in the following steps. To participate in the survey, it is necessary that you have recently purchased a product in Dollar General stores.

  1. Receipt of a recent purchase made at a Dollar General store.
  2. To participate in the survey, you must be at least 18 years of age or older. That is to say that the participation of minors in the survey is not allowed
  3. A computer or smartphone that allows access to the internet
  4. Internet access from any computer or any smartphone
  5. An email account to be able to associate it with the Dollar General Costumer first survey (DGcustomerfirst)
  6. You should be a resident of the United States.
  7. The winner is required to sign and return an Eligibility Affidavit and a Release of Liability and Publicity and a W-9 tax identification form within 10 days of notification of having won a prize.
  8. All taxes are the sole responsibility of the prize winner.

The aforementioned are the necessary requirements to participate in the survey called Dollar General Costumer first (DGcustomerfirst). When participating in the survey carried out by the chain of stores called Dollar General Store, you can participate in the raffle of a prize of 1,000 dollars, but it must be remembered that in order to participate it is necessary to comply with all the aforementioned requirements.


  1. Visit the official website using your computer or smartphone.
  2. Enter the 7-digit Survey Code and the time of your visit that is available on your recent receipt.
  3. Answer the survey questions based on your experience with Dollar General Store. Some questions are: Did you feel that the service was fast and efficient? Did you find what you were looking for easily?
  4. Rate your answers according to your experience.
  5. Once the survey questions are completed, you can enter your contact information to be in the draw and win $ 1000 in cash in the monthly raffle drawing.


The history of this chain of stores is well known in the United States and this is due to the fact that in the year of 1968, it recorded annual sales of more than 40 million dollars per year, with a net revenue margin of 1.5 million dollars per year. In the year 2000, the store called Dollar General Store opened a new headquarters corporation in Tennessee. As of 2004, the company expanded to other parts of the world, such as Asia. Dollar General Store opened its first store in Hong Kong.

After its great expansion, the company decided to create this survey in 2016, through the use of the survey called Dollar General Costumer first (DGcustomerfirst), the company was able to expand its menus and products by incorporating the opinions of its customers in all your products and your services. But the question now is how to participate in the survey called Dollar General Costumer first (DGcustomerfirst).

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