Can you read my messages


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You're talking about your favorite restaurants in the city and what shows you're currently streaming. They respond to each of your messages in a timely manner. But you wait and respond to each message with a lot less urgency, apologizing for the delays.

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To understand more about the read-receipt phenomenon and how it plays out IRL, I went straight to the source. I asked my Instagram and Twitter followers to see how they felt rexd read receipts and whether or not they use them or like them.

Can you read my messages

Alexa LeConche, a blogger at She's Glitter and Gold website, is in total agreement about read receipts being useful. Read receipts act as a al that you've gotten their text and have acknowledged it. She says it actually messsages her when other people don't have their read receipts on.

It doesn't matter whether they've actually read your message right away or just look quickly at it and respond later, because either way, she appreciates knowing if rrad needs to contact someone via a phone call and get their attention in other ways. Beth says that sometimes, she'll read a text and forget to respond and doesn't want people to feel like she's being rude.

Can you read my messages

She's the type of person who enjoys that extra level of privacy and space that Richardson mentions. We live in a time messsages it is so easy to be contacted and so difficult to really be alone that taking the small step of leaving read receipts off can offer a small feeling of privacy. Chlipala acknowledges the pros and cons to leaving your read receipts on.

I know they’ve seen my message – so why haven't they replied? | culture | the guardian

If you're in or pursuing a relationship or new friendship, she says it may "build trust and safety" if the person on the receiving end sees that you've replied minutes after the message was read. It also affirms that this may be your texting style.

Can you read my messages

But not replying in a timely manner after reading the message may also cause some negative side effects, like anxiety in the other person, or cause them to question whether or not you're interested in them. Especially if the other emssages is hyperaware and vigilant of how people act toward or feel about them, "you can really create a lot of unnecessary anxiety" by not immediately texting back.

They may assume you're no longer interested, are angry at them, or that the message they sent should've been worded differently.

Can you read my messages

In addition, you may wind up hurting their feelings if you post on your Instagram or take a Snap and still don't reply to their message after reading it. I mean, think about any instance when you've anxiously waited for a response and never see the three blinking dots in a bubble to show up. But Chlipala says "freedom is a common value in a relationship," or even a friendship.

Random text? wait, wait, don’t click that! | 4 | ftc consumer information

Richardson agrees. Creating doubt or resentment in someone else is obviously never the goal for either person in rea situation, so Chlipala says it's key to clarify your expectations and to communicate and compromise.

Can you read my messages

Even if your intentions are well and good, your texting habits may be sending their own messages and you want to be aware of how your actions are being perceived. If you're the type of person who leaves texts on read, explain that you often get distracted or engaged in something else.

Receiving and reading in gmail

If you're the type of person who expects quick responses or feels upset or anxious when texts are left on read, start a healthy conversation about it so that you don't continue to feel that way. But then, move on. Both Chlipala and Richardson say you shouldn't dwell too much on it. Who knows, one day we might not be texting each other at all, thanks to meessages new technology that's taken over the world.

Can you read my messages

Turn the Digital Crown to scroll to the bottom of the message. To jump to the top of the message, tap the top of the screen.

Double-tap to zoom in on the content. If the message arrived a while ago, touch and hold the top of the screen, swipe down on the display to see the message notification, then tap it.

How do you say this in korean? "you read my messages but don't reply. why is that?" | hinative

To mark the message as read, scroll down, then tap Dismiss. To dismiss the notification without marking the message as read, press the Digital Crown.

Can you read my messages

See when messages were sent Tap a conversation in the Messages conversation list, then swipe left on a message in the conversation. Mute or delete a conversation Mute a conversation: Swipe left on the conversation in the Messages conversation list, then tap. Delete a conversation: Swipe left on the conversation in the Messages conversation list, then tap.

Access photos, audio, and video in a message Messages can contain photos, audio, and videos.

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