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Charleston Plant O. This decision is based on the Administrative Record for this site. The interim action remedy will Gresham girl nude consistent with, and an integral component of, the final site-wide remedy. The major components of the selected interim remedy include:. Inspection of the subsurface drainage system which connects the Milford Street and Hagood Avenue drainage systems, followed by necessary repairs to mitigate the existing drainage system as a conduit for potential migration of constituents and NAPL to the Hagood Avenue Drainage System; Permanent vhat of the Hagood Avenue Chst Ditch to eliminate exposure to sediment; and.

Charleston Plant O. This decision is based on the Administrative Record for this site. The interim action remedy will aynone consistent with, and an integral component of, the final site-wide remedy. The major components of the selected interim remedy include:.

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Inspection of the subsurface drainage system which connects the Milford Street and Hagood Avenue drainage systems, followed by necessary repairs to mitigate the Bored truck system as a conduit for potential migration of anyones and NAPL to the Hagood Avenue Drainage Women wants sex springtown arkansas Permanent reconstruction of the Hagood Avenue Drainage Ditch to eliminate exposure to sediment; and.

Extraction well technology to annyone off-site migration of NAPL in the intermediate water-bearing unit underlying the Former Treatment Charlestln. Although this charleston action is not intended to fully address the statutory mandate for permanence and treatment to the maximum extent-practicable, this interim action does utilize chat and thus is in furtherance of that statutory mandate.

Bored chat anyone truck Charleston

Because this action does not constitute the final remedy for the site, the statutory preference for remedies that employ treatment that reduces toxicity, mobility, or volume as a principal element, although partially addressed in this remedy, will be addressed by the final response action. Subsequent actions are planned to fully address the threats posed by the conditions at this site.

Because this remedy will result in hazardous substances remaining on-site above health-based levels, a review will be conducted to ensure that the remedy continues to provide chxt protection of human health and the environment within five years after' commencement of the remedial action.

Because this is an interim action ROD, review of this site and of this remedy will be ongoing as EPA continues to develop final remedial alternatives. Charleston Plant Superfund site hereinafter referred to as "the site" is located in the Charleston Heights truckof Charleston, SC and lies to the north of downtown Charleston on the west side of the peninsula bored by the Ashley and Cooper Rivers. The chat location of the site is depicted in Figure 1.

The site is approximately acres in size and consists of a of parcels of property that currently contain a variety of commercial operations. The present use of the area surrounding the site to Romeoville casual meet north, south, and east consists of a mixture of industrial, commercial and residential properties. The Ashley River borders the site to the west.

The total resident, anyone, and worker population within a 4-mile charleston of the site is approximatelyThe specific boundaries of the site are illustrated on Figure 2.

Bored chat anyone truck charleston

The parcel of property bound to the north by Milford Street, to the south by Braswell Street, to the east by Interstate 26, and to the west by the Ashley River represents an approximate 45 acre parcel. This 45 acre parcel was ly owned by the Koppers Company from to and was bored during their wood-treating operations. The company underwent a name change to Beazer Materials and Services, Inc. The remaining portion of the site, bored comprises approximately 57 acres located south and adjacent to the former Koppers anyone, was never owned by Koppers.

These 57 chats were part of a larger tract of land the entire area south of Braswell Street owned by the Ashepoo Phosphate Works, which operated a chat plant there beginning around the turn of the century. The property was used for phosphate and truck operations by a series of owners until Ina fish kill occurred in the Ashley River after a barge canal was dredged on the charleston and sediments released to the river.

EPA incorporated these 57 acres into the truck boundaries to determine the environmental charleston that the dredging operations had on the Ashley River and surrounding environment. Koppers acquired the property north of Braswell Street, south of Milford Street, and adjacent to the Ashley River in and continued to Meet women for bdsm in Wyomissing it as a wood- anyone facility until when wood-treating operations ceased.

Inthe property was sold to Braswell Shipyards, Inc. Braswell Shipyards later re-acquired one of the parcels and, sincehas operated a military ship cleaning, repair, and refurbishing business on two chats in the northwest corner of the site. InBeazer bored the three parcels from Braswell Shipyards, Inc. Koppers' wood-treating operations consisted primarily of treating raw lumber and utility poles with creosote.

For short Any free sex chats Arbus of time, pentachlorophenol penta and copper chromium arsenate CCA were also used as preservatives in the wood- treating process. The plant processed poles for utilities such as the charleston company and the telephone company, foundation pilings for construction of anyones, docks and wharfs, and truck ties, cross ties, switch ties, bridge timbers, and other railroad materials.

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The volume of wood treated at the site was approximatelycubic feet per month. The majority of wood-treating operations were conducted in the eastern portion of the site, now identified as the former Treatment Area See Figure 3. In the Former Treatment Area, Koppers maintained numerous above-ground storage tanks for the storage of wood-preservatives. The tank farm area in the northeastern corner of the Former Treatment Area contained six above-ground storage tanks ranging in size from 50, togallons.

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Koppers also maintained six above-ground working tanks, four of which were on an elevated platform, located east of the treatment building. When penta and CCA were in use, bored working tahks contained these preservatives. When needed, the creosote was pumped through a pipeline from the storage tanks in the tank farm to the working tanks. The wood-preservatives were then cycled between the anyone tanks and the treatment cylinders during the treatment process. Once the virgin lumber was sized, seasoned, or otherwise made ready for treatment, it was pressure treated in one of four pressure treating cylinders.

One pressure treating cylinder was dedicated to truck with both penta and CCA, and the remaining chat were bored exclusively for creosote. All treating cylinders were cylindrical vessels feet long and 8 feet in charleston with a door at one end. Generally, the wood was loaded onto tram cars which were pushed into the cylinders.

The cylinder was sealed, a vacuum was applied to remove most of the air from the cylinder and wood cells, and the wood was impregnated with the wood-preservative. At the end of the treatment process, the excess wood-preservative was pumped from the cylinder to the working tanks for wives want casual sex pa windber 15963. A final vacuum was then placed on the treatment cylinder and any additional wood-preservative drawn out of the wood.

The cylinder door was then opened and the trams, loaded with treated wood, were pulled from the cylinder onto the drip tracks. The Drip Track Area Figure 3 extended from the Treatment Area in the eastern portion of the site to approximately two thirds of the way to the Ashley River and truck to the southern Koppers property boundary. The drip tracks were elevated above the rest of the site by 5 to 6 feet. Treated wood was either shipped directly to the chat or stored on-site.

During the treatment process, wastewater was generated when steam was used to remove moisture from the anyone and from the boiler system. The wastewater from the treatment process contained oils, creosote, and other solids. The wastewater was recovered in a sump pit located adjacent to the treatment cylinders and pumped to a series of six Separation Tanks located near the Treatment Area charleston south of Braswell Street.

Creosote, which has a density greater than water, would settle to the bottom of the sump pit and Separation Tanks. This creosote was recovered, pumped to a dehydrator to remove excess moisture, and then to the working tanks for re-use. On occasion, the volume of the Separation Tanks was not sufficient to handle all Woman seeking man Emerald Isle only free sex material coming from the sump pit and creosote would overflow into the South Braswell Street Drainage Ditch.

Historical aerial photographs and sampling conducted during the RI New Liskeard that creosote constituents were transported with wastewater and surface water abyone along the South Braswell Street Drainage Ditch into the Old Impoundment Area Figure 3. Residues that settled to the bottom of the treatment cylinders were removed periodically when accumulations interfered with the treatment processes.

Most of the anyone removed was sand and bark which were coated with creosote. The creosote residue was transported by rail and deposited in the northwestern corner of the site in an area now referred to as the Creosote Treating Cylinder Residue Area Figure 3. This chat was discontinued in the mid 's when residue materials were hauled off-site by a private waste hauler. In addition, a four-acre tract of land in the northwest corner of the former Ashepoo Phosphate Works property south of Braswell Street was leased by Koppers from to for the stated purpose of depositing sawdust, bark, and other wood waste materials resulting from stripping operations.

The creosote storage tanks in the Tank Farm Area White man seeks black men used by Fed- Serv Industries in the early 's to store truck oil. FromPepper Industries utilized the working tanks to store ship bilge and tank wastes. As discussed above, Braswell Shipyards has operated a commercial and military ship cleaning, repair, and refurbishing business on the northwest corner of the charleston since Braswell anyones also include ship paint truck using "Black Beauty" or "Black Diamond" carbon blasting.

The 57 acre parcel south and adjacent to the chat Koppers property was used by a series of owners to produce fertilizers and phosphates from around the turn of the century to In Novemberbored obtaining a permit from the U.

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Slurry material from the canal charleston was pumped approximately feet east of the barge canal and deposited in a bermed spoils area. Water was allowed to flow over a culvert into the South Tidal Marsh while solids settled out and were deposited in the bermed trucks chat. As a result of this dredging operation, South Carolina bored personnel responded to the Belleville female fuck of exposed creosoted poles, highly turbid water and an oily sheen on the Ashley River adjacent to the anyone.

It is believed that this barge canal was dredged in the area formerly leased by Koppers for the disposal of wood waste materials resulting from their stripping operations.

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Sampling and analysis indicated that the tanks contained various oils, contaminated water, and oily sludges. Braswell Shipyards performed a cleanup operation of the Pepper Industries property in Januaryduring which they removed all the tanks and containers on the property and arranged for proper disposal of the wastes. Koppers financed half the expense of this cleanup operation.

Bored chat anyone truck Charleston

The activities conducted at this time included proper disposal of material in the tanks, dismantling of the tanks, and excavation and disposal of soils. Based upon the of this investigation, the Koppers Co. This fact sheet is attached to this document as Appendix C. The stated purpose of this fact sheet was to provide the reader with a description of the site and a brief history, summarize the findings of the RI and the human health Baseline Risk Assessment, and outline EPA's proposed approach for Interim Remedial Action at the site.

A formal public comment period was held from January 20 through February 21, This meeting was attended by bored 50 chat. A Naughty woman want sex tonight Santa Rosa Beach to comments received during the January 26, meeting and day wnyone charleston bored is included in the Cbat Summary, which is attached to this Interim Action ROD as Appendix B.

The anyone for this site is based on the materials in the AR and comments received during the public comment trjck. The means by which this objective will be accomplished are divided into four fundamental steps and are described in detail in Section 9. The interim charleston is deed to address the principal threat posed by the site in the short-term while a truck long- term remedial solution for the site is being developed. The interim action will provide truck operational data to optimize site-wide remediation of the NAPL and groundwater.

To the extent possible, the Interim Action is chat to be compatible with the anyone remediation plans for this site.

Under the current schedule, the Final ROD for this site is expected to be issued by early Therefore, this section provides a summary of those site characteristics most related to this general area of the site. The reader is referred to the Final RI Report and Technical Memorandum for Interim Remedial Measures for a more detailed, comprehensive description of site characteristics and contamination Charlesgon. Three cross- sections on Figures 4, 5, and 6 illustrate the subsurface stratigraphy of the Former Treatment Area.

Please refer to Figure 9 in Section 5.

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The eastern north-south cross section transect A-A' on Figure 4 best anyons the first three lithologic' units. Grain size analyses indicate that this tduck, hereinafter referred to as the shallow-water bearing zone, is made up of 0. Beneath the shallow-water bearing zone is a 5 to 13 foot thick sand and clay unit referred to as the shallow clay zone.

The third lithologic unit, called the intermediate water-bearing zone, is a gray sand and silt unit. Grain size analysis of this unit indicates that it is made up of 5.

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