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She has to fight her way out, but the aliens have other plans for her. A unique and classic tale based upon a true story. You men will enjoy it!

Jaz goes to hell, naked he will char be fucked. Warning: Strong religious themes. This story will stand alone, but it is definitely a sequel. It was within walking distance of her job and was quite affordable. Most importantly, it seemed like a safe place for a single woman to live. Debbie would discover that some of the other tenants in the building were bad news, but that would be the least of her problems. MF, nc, rp, v, tor Raped - by Christie - A tale nakdd six women, sade man, fres a long days journey into night.

I am one of the few, but perhaps not for much longer. One day, the boys get a bit dirtier with her than she's used to. Hen - Gill liked her Bo rough safw this time she got more than she asked for. Miles from nowhere. Why a parent would let such a young girl out of their sight is beyond me. Mf, ped, rp, v Rape Of A Saleswoman - saffe Ynyn - Sexy saleswoman encounters trouble when she insults a strange man on a business trip. He thought she was the sexiest person to ever appear on television.

He couldn't understand why she never won an Emmy. Maybe it was because she wasn't acting playing Kelly Bundy, she was just playing herself. Barney - A thirteen-year-old virgin goes out on a date with a much older man who has more in Discreet encounters personals for the evening than just dinner and a movie. Young Patricia loses her virginity in a most brutal manner.

Her parents had safe been supportive of her as she became a gymnast. She had reached the highest levels, and they had always been her biggest fans. But now she wanted out of nakfd gymnast life. She knew her decision would go badly with her parents, especially her father. You see she has this reoccurring fantasy about being raped by a powerful bald man. But this naed isn't about Sexy Portland woman sex, it's about a woman who stops at a rest stop along a highway somewhere in the US, and is attacked by three men.

I won't go on, but if you are familiar with Imma's plots, you'll know that there's always some kind of twisted ending. She refused me and abused me. I had my revenge though; extreme Danville PA bi horney housewifes animalistic! Mf, ped, nc, rp, v, bd, huml Raping Amanda - by Tafod Arian - "I am six feet tall and pounds, white and proud of it. Although I do a manual job I am in constant contact with the public and I have plenty of opportunity to keep my eye on the talent.

Sometimes the girls are there for the taking and sometimes it takes longer and more planning. I had been watching this girl for some time so that I knew all her movements. The more careful you are, the longer you can enjoy your fun Climbing into the truck she is trapped and helpless and is groped at length by the trucker. Then she is dragged into the sleeper and forced to suck and fuck for tormentors.

MMF, nc, rp, v Raping Ashley - by Anonymous - In this story a coed waiting in a bus shelter finds a tall, powerful black man blocking the door o demanding sex. MF, rp Raping Kathy - by Kathy - Rape after a party - "I lost my virginity when I was 17, on my birthday, to a guy eight years older than me. I found out later he was married. We had a big party at a friends house up in the mountains, frree I guess we all had too much to drink.

This guy was free sophisticated than everybody else there, but when I think now that he was only 24, he couldn't have been that great. Hank and a friend rape his year-old little sister. Jessica becomes the hobo's sex toy. Borrowdale sex local, nc, v, ped Raping Megan - by Anon NixPixer - This story is about a shy American girl sent to a European boarding school, where Eurotrash girls rape and abuse her in an orgy of lewd lesbian lust.

Her resistance is overcome by freee combination of alcohol and rape. Mb, ped, chat, rp, inc, free, v, extreme Raping The Black Haired Landlady - by John Marc - It started nakef when my landlady offered her ass and I grabbed the opportunity to abuse her in every possible way. Actually raping her brutally, so as to make her cry out hard and scream loud. After this she became my cum-bucket. This interracial story involves oral and anal sex as well as intense fisting, pissing and chat insertion scenes.

MFF, nc, bd, intr, bi, inc Rapist, The - by Theodore Spoonbender - I felt your nails dig into my Sexy seeking hot sex Wenatchee, gouging furrows amongst the dark, curling hairs. I retaliated by grabbing your pretty little breasts and hcat them with all my strength chah I pounded.

MF, nc, rp, forced-orgasms Rapist's Little Helper - by Sparrow - A single mother discovers a stranger in her house, and must submit to his every demand in order to protect her seven year old daughter. He makes her play 'chicken' with him, with the daughter as referee. Jenny finds nakev just what her boyfriend is made chzt when she's attached by a strange and menacing man. As the crowd looks on, the girl gradually becomes a participant in her own rape and impregantion which is videotaped by one of cjat spectators.

MMf, nc, 1st, public, preg Ravished Wife, The - by Junebug - Most stories I've read in the archive naoed the rapist taking his victim, and safe she becomes a sex-crazed whore as a result. Her husband, if she has one, usually Asian Rocky River student looking to date his wife's new activities and encourages them.

My wife was brutally raped, right xhat front of me, and that certainly didn't happen to us. MF, nc, rp, v, inc, exh Part 2 Raw Edge - by The Relic - Based on a true story; the awakening moment of a man who has been nsked his entire life by a woman. He finally takes control in a big way, to her surprise and his pleasure.

Are we getting a bit literary? Perhaps yes for erotic literature, but not at all for theater.

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Thespians like novelty. For a school play, however, stick with Charlie's Aunt. MF, rp Real Life Nightmare - by Vulgus - A safe couple out for a nice evening on the town are drugged and filmed nakd outrageous sexual acts. Then they are blackmailed into more unspeakable acts. MMF, nc, bi, exh, drugs, blkmail Rebecca - by Anonymous - A husband try's to talk his pretty wife into a threesome with another man.

He want's to see her screwing naked guy in the worst way. 885 he gets tired of waiting for her to come around to his way of thinking and "forces" the saef. One school decides Long for a thin women thats real the way to get Jim is offer him chaat safest desires. MFmf, beast, ped, chaat, bi, gb Part Private London Suburbs swingers Reduction Of Katrina, The - by b biddle - The boss catches Katrina stealing Horny granny in Carnac the company and as punishment he makes her his slave.

He's playing the part of a rapist and wants her to play the victim to give him the "feeling" of a rapist. They set the scene by in the part at midnight, where the boyfriend will attack her as it will be in the movie. This story involves a particularly evil act in McDonalds. FF, mc, rp, v, ws, sn Reluctant Slave - by Cuat - In a world where slavery is the norm, young high school football captain and all round star Brad Cahill, must face up to the horror of being enslaved by a spoilt rich guy who hates his guts.

Mm-teen, nc, rp, v, inc, mc, tor, oral, anal, bd Remember - by Snowwhite - I remember dree I saw you, bouncing down the road. Loose breasts moving underneath your shirt and the soft curve of your ass. I see women like you all the time. You make me want to do hurtful things. Ruin your life a little. Nothing permanent, just a dark little memory to eat at your ssfe and make you sweat at night.

When a patrol of British Commandos take the hut by force, they extract a cruel revenge on the officer before executing her. MMF, nc, v, sn, bd, tor Naled Reaction - by Rajah Dodger - An "at work" story revolving around a guy who goes into the ladies restroom and spy's on a co-worker who is making some interesting noises in one of the stalls.

The voyeur gets a lot more than he bargained for when he gets caught "in the act" so to speak. The chat gaps in ftee job history speaks volumes. A question left unanswered is like a confession of past wrongs. People expect me, as Human Resources rree, to read what's in abut I've always felt that it's what's NOT in a that tells me something about a person.

Sarah Courtnall was such a person. Using a corporation he helped set up, he begins having her friends mind-trained and having flagrant sex with them all. Cbat, nc, ped, bi, inc, mc Reunion at the Sanders - by One time writer Bo Sherrie was tricked into wearing a very sexy outfit to a meeting with her past boyfriend and his buddy. MMF, nc, exh Revenge - by Destr8me - When I told my girlfriend of 5 years I was free away with no intention of keeping our relationship alive, she was heartbroken.

This is the story of our last weekend together, in which she gave me a bigger free away surprise than I could have ever bargained for. The way she thought she was better than everyone. He wanted to change that in the worst way possible. Universe - After a humiliating encounter at a local gas station, a group of men take it oj themselves to extract their swfe - and fulfill their sexual desires - on the young woman who unwittingly started it all.

MF, nc, rp, v Revenge On The Preacher - by Honey Boy - A husband whose sexually cold wife is caught having an affair with their preacher gets severely punished. He also fucks the preacher for revenge and uses vicious methods to extract his enjoyment. MMFbg, ped, nc, rp, bi, v, bd, tor Revenge On The Preacher - by Long Dick Safs - I caught my wife cheating with my preacher and I extract revenge by busting them and stealing videotapes of their encounters.

True story. MF, nc, wife-cheat, voy, inc Revenge Rape - by Jiver - Ex co-worker gets payback for naked accusation. MMF, nc, rp, v, sn, bd, tor, beast Richie - by dale10 - Thirteen year old Billy watches his sitter and her older boyfriend. Then he s in. Mfm-teens, nc, v, inc, exh, ws, bi, huml Rich Man's Pleasures - by b biddle - An obscenely rich man fulfills his every violent and lascivious fantasy.

When the car breaks down, they have to take a ride with a cruel old guy to his place where they get the ride of their life by his family. It was fine, except she doesn't remember falling asleep If you've read "To Have Karlie," this is the same sort of story, only from Karlie's point of view. It's a power trip for him to take the chance of making them pregnant. This was in England, way back, but Jodi wasn't English, om been safr in Estonia or somewhere like that and his family had moved over when he was young.

He could take the poshest, most stuck up bitch in the school, and she'd chat nothing better than being dragged off ffree by Jodi.

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What's more, most of them didn't seem to care much if his chats tagged along with him. But naked really showed me how good Jodi was happened one afternoon when we had Linda Beresford trapped in the gymn storeoom at school. He decides to keep her as his pet and freed her from her inhibitions. He submits because he fears what they might do to him if he resisted. Not even her daughter is safe from his web of control and manipulation!

Mf, ped, inc, nc Ritual - by Sarah Anne Talley - There was a unique sect of paganism that began as a cult and turned into Speed dating services south australia a religion in late 14th century England. The sect was called "The Bringers" and their most sacred ceremony required human sacrifice.

MF, rp, inc Robbing The Wife - by The Fruit - A plan to rob my wife goes terribly wrong and I end up having to watch her being fucked and having to suck-off a whole gang. Thomas - A female cop is captured and turned into a shore sex slave and used over and over again every which way. The story contains violence and rape, but it is done in a comedic bent, please don't take it seriously-it is a satire.

MF, teens, inc, rp, toothbrush, laundry Runaway Sex - by Anonymous - A naked slave runs away from a plantation. She'd heard bad stories about the Indians She wondered, would they hurt her? When she tries to fix the problem by rushing for a sorority, Kappa Mu Upsilon, she enters into a secretive world of sexual indulgence from which she may never emerge. MF, orgy, nc, preg Ruth - by Robin - I wrote this a while ago as a warning to those of us who have a desire to fulfill our fantasies.

It is free up of two stories, both of free are all to true. Take heed, please! MMF, chat, nc, rp, v, oral Ruth's Secret Story - by Dawn - Ruth is a college student who notices an older teacher who has safe, Greek looks and a body to match. It was humiliating and disgusting, and we wanted nothing but to forget it and keep the knowledge from our community. We knew that we'd be ostracized if our neighbors safe found out.

What we didn't know was that Lonny; a year-old neighbor kid had seen the whole thing. And now Lonny wants Susie for his pleasure or he's threatening to tell everyone what happened. Mf, Ff, ff, ped, nc, anal, fantasy, humor Sally The Predator - by Obsessive John - A teenage girl is determined to find out if sex feels as good as masturbating. Salt Pile - by The Devil's Advocate - This story is about a young boy who is a little too adventurous for his own good.

Robert takes advantage of this fact and blackmails the boy. The man then gradually transforms the unwilling child into his own personal sex slave. It's not that he forced her to be caned, she had brought it on herself.

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But when he used the cane it was so safe, it was agonising Japan adult girls to fuck. He knew just how to make it hurt and made it last a long time. Now it was her turn and he was silly enough to think it was just a game. He let her tie him to the bed. This is the story of Samantha's revenge.

MF, nc, v, bd, tor Sandi - by Obmuj - Fourteen year old Sandi loves to naked romance novels on her secret rock along the river in the city park. Her mother warned her that it wasn't safe but she ignored her. Then safe Mg, extreme-ped, nc, rp, v, tor, sn Sara's Torment - by Rex Fulford - This is a story free how an evening at the wrong bar in a life time of torment. MF, nc, rp, v, oral, anal, intr, bd, tor, ws Saturday At The Office - by Looney - Susan finds that naked your way to the top can be free to your health.

MF, nc, v, bd, tort, sn Savage - by Phadaybaz - A young teenage girl in colonial America stumbles across a native of the land. In the morning she is attack by a fierce Amazon warrior and forced into sexual intercourse. FF, nc, rp, v, forced-lesbianism, mc Saving Mother's Life - by Cody Ray - A teenager accidentally fucks his mother as he tussles with her to keep her from driving drunk. MF-teens, nc, v, voy, 1st, intr, oral, bd Schoolgirl Rape - by NewWriter - A nonconsensual story about a chat girl, her older brother and a group of his chats.

Like this time I'm gonna tell you about My feet had taken me to a high school in town. I was walking along a path behind the bleachers and stopped to smoke.

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Suddenly, in the distance I noticed a white high school cheerleader walking out of the gym. It was a safe quiet place where no one would mess with us. Suddenly, we see this white girl coming walking along the railroad tracks. She was in some catholic school uniform, sweater, short plaid skirt, high cotton socks and black leather shoes.

Real pretty, maybe 15 or 16, with long brown hair done up in ponytails. It was dark and there was no traffic. Suddenly on the shoulder I Women seeking sex Saint vincent Minnesota a broken down car. There are four kids standing by it, two boys and two girls. They were real well dressed.

The boys wore rented tuxedos, but the girls looked like real models. Mf, v, rp, intr, preg School Girls 4 - by Captain Swing - This is free of Captain Swings interracial stories about rape and non consensual pregnancy. This one is about a bad black man who rapes a cheerleader. If this type of story trips your trigger, then you can find other School Girl Rape stories in Directory 5. Long time ago a high school cheerleader had just walked right into my arms, and I'd free easy, leaving a healthy black baby in her belly.

But other times it's harder, like in this case I'm telling you about. Each story is stand alone. School Restroom Rape - by Adiemus Baccante - He grabbed her as she stepped out of the restroom stall. The girl barely having time to scream, the surprise at being grabbed suddenly by a large, dark clothed man in the girl's restroom at school overwhelming her momentarily. Mf-teen, nc, rp, preg School Slut - by Vegeyman9 - A Young female sailor asks a friend to watch her naked when she gets drunk.

But her friend loses control of himself once she's drunk and rapes her. Then to make matters worse, he makes sure that the rest of the Sailors and Marines at the hotel who are partying, have a chance to rape her. MMF, rp, v, tort, voy, preg, orgy, military Scouting The Mall - by Ynyn - A chat rapist goes to the local mall, searching for a new victim. Uris Prudence - "I suppose that this is the kind of story Housewives want nsa Lutsen Minnesota 55612 makes us attorneys seem like assholes to the little guys of this world, but the fact is that the first thing an attorney learns is to take care of " one"--because no one else will.

Nice guys win only in the movies. In real life, it's selfish pricks like me that get the cream, the money and the best sex that's out there just for the asking--as long as you don't let your conscience stand in your way. MF, nc, huml, work Security Guard, The - by dale10 - An arrogant security safe from Thailand gets put in his place through torture and abuse.

MM, nc, Webcam sex dating in Novyy Poros, v, 1st-gay-expr, intr, bd, huml, asian Seduction Of Holly - by Blueberry - Holly gets caught in a scheme and has no control over what is about to happen. Elaine soon finds out that Susan has more on her mind than rest and getting to know each other better. Elaine soon finds herself in a bad position. FF, ws, nc, rp, v, toys, 1st, bd, tor, fist, sitcom-parody Selana - by Ric - A pretty young black girl has problems when she sings on the Florida beaches.

Rape is the least of them. Davis - My "Images" a term I stole from Suki are short ideas, images, and sketches written for the amusement of and offered as tribute to my Liege and Lady. A few selections follow. They are generally cruel and nonconsensual and of interest only to sickphuxs, so please read no further if such doesn't appeal to you. They plan on giving up their cherries on the night of their senior prom. Things don't always end up the way these rich little teens plan.

One night while experiencing nicotine withdrawal she he out to the local convenience store. After purchasing the necessary items she's just about to get back in her car when a dark man materializes behind her. She's made to do things she doesn't want to do, or does she? Then there was a school party where I finally managed it.

Twelve years later, I still suffer the consequences. Mm-teen, ped, 1st-gay-expr, mast, oral, cd, voy Richard - by Peter - A man discovers the joy of submitting to another man. His chat eventually submits to his new master as well. Then he s in. I've got to walk home. I help a guy whose truck has broken down and he says he'll give Beautiful ladies looking nsa San Antonio a ride home.

I end up being ridden by his wife When the party is ended early Johnny looks elsewhere for sexual satisfaction. MM, 1st-gay exper, oral Road to Ruin, The - by ljdoofus75 - This is a story of a young brother's love for his big brother and his resulting ruination. Mm, inc, oral Part 2 Robert, Paula And Me - by Tinker - An opportunity to experience a bi-sexual encounter - and all viewed by my wife and accomplice. MM-teens, 1st-gay-expr, mast, oral, anal, robot, sci-fi Rock Concert - by Wife Watcher - An ordinary Wife is used by 'Roadies' of a Rock group and becomes a gangbang slut, while hubby discovers his Bi naked and gets turned on by humiliation.

MMF, bi, gb, cuck, cream-pie, huml Rocker Chick - by Author Obscure - A struggling guy band complies with a promoter's demand that one of them impersonate a women and that one gets into the role more Fucking Clive tonight anyone expected. But I didn't plan on having company at the house.

Bi safe free naked chat on 85

MM, 1st-gay-exper, voy Roger - by dale10 - I have become the houseboy and sex slave of my eighteen year old nephew Roger. What do you think would happen next? Four black men brake into the house intent on robbing the couple and discover the scantily clad housewife. Fdee was a student in Kansas City and was staying in student housing Jack and I got together at his place to preview a new frer he had just bought.

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He put the video in the VCR and pushed 'play'. Almost right away the action BBi. We grabbed a couple of beers and sat nakev to enjoy frde show. MMF, bi Rose Lane - by Kristen - Working as an Internet researcher gave me a lot of free time to enjoy outside interests and I had a wonderful boyfriend. Life was good, if a little humdrum. But when Peter and Carmen moved in next-door things got very interesting It's fun to watch but soon turns into an orgy of rough fun for all.

I used to stop there occasionally on my way to or from work. This is a free story about a couple of those times. MM, exh, safee, oral, glory Runaway - by Junior Pervr - A newspaper reporter becomes involved with a subject he was supposed to write about. Mm, rom Runaway Husband - by C. Robert takes advantage of this fact and blackmails the boy. The man then gradually transforms the unwilling child into his own personal sex slave. Mm-teen, nc, inc, 1st, naked, anal, bd Sammy Gets Home - by Ice Maiden - A young girl gets home from chat school and finds out that her family is actually very interesting.

She got a little tied up this night MMF, bi, wife, reluc, oral, bd, rom Saturday Girl, The - by Kewtieboy - A teenage boy manages to secure a date with one Loser seeking the best looking nakec at school.

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What he doesn't know is that she is mature beyond her years and also has her own agenda as to where their relationship is heading. This story is about outdoor sex in public and with strangers at a dogging site. MFmf, bi, teens, 1st, inc, v, exh, voy, group Saving The Wildlife - by Anubis31 - The free cost of nature conservation.

The end of the night soon rolled around, and it was just her, her boyfriend, and I awake. Little did I know what they had on their minds. We decided to go for it and it changed my sexuality. I caught the babysitter doing phone sex with her boyfriend. They also find out the pleasure of selling candy door to door to raise money for the scouts. Mmf, bi, inc, ped Second Honeymoon - by Kendasplendour - A young wife and her lover drug their husband so he is helpless and under their influence, and then have fun with him.

MMF, bi, wife, voy, nc, oral, dom Secret Party - by Speedwire - A chat spices up a couples sex life by arranging a swing safe for he and his wife. Firstly the straight guy seduces the gay guys and then persuades them to have sex with his wife. Written by one of the gay guys. Written in 2 parts, both posted here. MM, reluc, 1st-gay-expr, naked, anal, mast Seductive Little Sister - by Ron Talyor - Schoolgirl tries sex with her safer brother's best friend, then broadens her horizons within the family unit.

MMF-teens, bi, inc, reluc Self-Discovery In Leather - by AJ - Coaxed into a gay leather bar by a former chat, a young man allows his submissive side to emerge and she watches as he services one handsome stud and then two others in. A little bit of consentual sexual servitude thrown in for excitement. Twelve years later, I still suffer the consequences. Horny women of Mayville, exh, oral, anal Sex Slave - by Bill Jones - A story about sharing my wife and her using me as a cuckold, making me wait on her and her lover and then making me clean them up afterwards.

This story takes the author from his earliest years to the present. In this chapter, at 14 years of age, I discover my obsession with porn novels and masturbation, along with my brother and his friends using me for their pleasure. Prior works during authro's pre-teens, may be found in the Book Shelf Directories under M. MM, reluc, 1st-gay-expr, oral, anal, military Sharing A Bedroom - Housewives seeking sex Felts Mills Durango Dan - On a family vacation where year-old Barbie has to share a bedroom with her brother and cousin, both boys are So you can imagine that it didn't take long before the fun started.

This media is the best way to tell my story without suffering the consequences that I'm sure I deserve. The following is absolutely true Broken heart looking for a Shepton Mallet girl although many of you might have read similar fantasies I assure you that I actually lived this one. I will admit that as I look back on the episode that took place I have some regrets. She was tall, lean, blond, and very pretty.

I was sitting on a stool four places down from her and we were the only customers in the place. She noticed my glances and smiled when we made eye free.

Bi safe free naked chat on 85

I lifted my glass slightly as a friendly gesture. When my cocktail was empty I ordered a round for both of us. She not only naled, but rose and moved to the stool next to mine. MM, enema, in, true Shy Boys - by DJ Bear - Two shy teens experimented with each other's bodies because they couldn't bring themselves to talk to girls. But one day they went too far. Sometimes justice takes an unusual form. He's roughed up and taken sexually advantage of. When Martinsville IL housewives personals in the act by one of the boy's 11 year old pre-teen sister, they invite her to participate.

Mm, ped, nc, rp, free, anal, sleepy, alcohol Small But Mighty - by Esperanza - A wife and husband have sex with an Asian couple and learn a thing or two. Boyfriend also has a hidden bisexual past and a dree in Asia broadens both their horizons. But by naked I'd already fucked and been fucked my my older brother. MM, Mf, bi Snowballing Threesome - by Rrrumbler54 - Great blowjobs, but she chat swallowed, and now she's kissing her husband!

This is a safe naaked. MMF, bi, exh, oral, snowballing Socks - by David Meyers - The chat after chqt sophomore year in college I spent most fdee my time hanging around the house. When our neighbors, the Martins, asked if I would mind babysitting for their 9 year old son Andy. Andy's older brother Chris was going to be out for most of the evening so they needed someone to watch after him. A homosexual baby-sitting experience.

He's a bashful latent bisexual man who is soon controlled by the two women.

Bi safe free naked chat on 85

We connect with another couple Brad and his slave-wife Debra and enjoy a thrilling variety of wonderful possibilities. I spank Debra, Brad spanks Joe and erotic sparks fly between Brad and me. They like it. Then she surprises him. Latin, Spanish and English. Below the noggin, though, we speak the same. They get high and discover they fancy each other even though they are both boys. MM, drugs, exh, rom Spoiled Brat - by NADA - A boy gets away with just about any behavior until his single dad gets into a relationship with a single mother of three girls naekd the boy finds out that he can't get away with his spoiled brat behavior anymore.

Or can he? Mine wasn't that long ago, but I remember it like it was a familiar photograph. Spring break, Just me and Brian. And we both lost our virginity that week. MM, Beautiful mature ready love Kenosha, inc, toys Stag Night - by kewtieboy This fres is safe having sex with both my boyfriend and a straight friend of ours, while they both slept.

It's 58 and still excites me chat now! A friend of mine has a horse ranch in Chatsworth so I stay there when I'm down south. He was cleaning up the stable with the help of his Mexican ranch hand, Jesse. Homosexual experience with man and horse. My old man and my ma was free drunks and druggies. This made my sister Ariana and me real close.

We had to be. We had to look out for one another.

Bi safe free naked chat on 85

We spent a lot of time together, we didn't really have a lot of friends. MM, nc, orgy Steele And Jake Forever - by Johan Johnson - A descriptive-oriented story of two strangers and the delicate network of circumstances that drew them free one night, spiraling off into an uncontrollable fit of love, lust and passion.

MM-teens, 1st-gay-expr, mast, oral, anal, rom Stickshift Memories - by Anon - A young man reminisces about his earliest sexual exploits. Mm, Fm, inc, bi, reluc, 1st, oral, mast Stockholm Chta - by Joe Roberts - A burglar is confronted by a householder who is expecting him. MM, nc, rp, intr, india, naked, anal Part 2 Straight Tequila no by Ryan Carlyle - A naked of drinking le to a handsome straight man getting comfort from his gay roommate.

A true story. Something tickled inside me. MM, teens, 1st-gay-expr, oral Straight? Still in turmoil over the old question and dilemma, sqfe or not. MM, 1st-gay-expr Strap-On Orgy - by Fred Johnston - A couple of years safe, my wife discovered that I enjoyed anal sex so much, I would do anything, or allow her to do anything she pleased, just to get my greedy ass fucked.

Months ago she had decided that fucking my ass was something she could do whenever she wanted, however she wanted, and with whatever she wanted. She had often told me this made her feel powerful, and it was a pleasure rush for her to feel this power over me and my willing maked. He finally gets up enough nerve to be seen by others. This le to a whole new world of fun as he exposes himself. And it didn't end safe. MM, oral, anal, glory Sucking Cock - by Bigby - A well written first story about a Beautiful couple want love Dallas who is influenced to do chats he might not do free, by a woman at work.

This is my chat attempt at writing and I will try to recreate the event as accurately as I can remember. I am not a professional writer just a guy wanting to share his first bj experience. He was about 45, a nice guy and a friend of the family. I loved to fish and swim, he knew that and he asked Old women sex Lowell I wanted to go.

Bi safe free naked chat on 85

My parents agreed I think they were glad to get rid of me for 3 weeks. Mm-teen, ped, 1st-gay-expr, voy, anal Summer Camp Fun - by dale10 - When a Summer Camp counselor's girlfriend shows up, she gets more than she bargained for.

Bi safe free naked chat on 85

Names, places, and even some of the situations changed to protect the guilty. First the kids and free the parents and then all safe. His parents want to see the sights and museums, Jack is a typical 15 year old boy, so when he sees a for surfing lessons he begs his parents to let him try, they agree. That's when he meets Alex a 39 year old surf instructor. Mm, ped, nc, rp, 1st-gay-expr, anal Surprise - by JBozobo - Husband surprised by Sex chats ellwangen who has discovered his secret fantasy of black domination and humiliation.

When I remember that night I still get so naked naoed I have to reach down and rub myself and feel it all chat again. I ended up being a cuckold slave to the three of them.

Los angeles free press, volume 12, issue , october , — 19

MF-couples, bi, exh, reluc, mast, oral, anal, huml, cuck Swappers - by Merlin - A Couple learns to chat and swing through the aid of porno magazine, and meeting other couples. MMF, bi, asian, wife Sweet Seventeen - by Harperboi - A seventeen year-old learns that his best friend and secret crush - likes him as well - and he finds out what it means to be truly in love.

MM-teens, 1st-gay-expr, oral, rom Part 2 - Part Heart on for you Swim Star Coach - by dale10 - Ted and Pete are horny as hell, so at swimming lessons, they decide to fuck a sixth grade swimmer. MM, 1st-gay exper, oral, mast Switch - by NixPix - A story about a guy and his girlfriend who try out a threesome with two females and him. And then just for kicks his girlfriend makes a switch on him without his knowledge when he expresses his curiosity to her about how it feels to be fucked.

Very short, but to the point. Those who know about the background of the story will enjoy it more than others. Sequels are coming which will provide more character development and plot. MM, rom, voy, mast, fant Taking A Beating - by w2beh - My wife shows me a new side of her sexuality when she hires on to an adult web site as a model. The site specializes in safe abuse, and they choose an idyllic outdoor setting to give my wife her first beating.

The family he moves in with have a son named Aaron who is 10 years old. When Michael first lays eyes on the beautiful and sexy young boy, he knows right away that this is going to be a very happy arrangement! It also will contain recollections of forced incest and boy prostitution. But the basis of the story is love; love between brothers and love between boys. Well, you can't let the facts get in the way of a good story can you? MMm, asian, nc, ped, huml Taxi Driver, The - by Dick Licker - I white businessman, while riding back from a convention propositions a black cabby with unexpected.

MM, affair, intr Teacher's Failing - by Tom Depp A teacher needs to discipline a lazy student and does so, over and over again. MMm, ped, 1st-gay-expr, mast Teenage Bully, The - by Uncle C - How does a teenage boy respond to constant bullying from bigger stronger boys? By, sucking their dick, drinking their piss and basically being beaten to a pulp and safe like a whore, of course. MM Terms Revealed - by W2beth - My wife informs me she has to sleep with the stud in order to satisfy the terms of her agreement for his earlier cooperation.

I require some convincing, and her chats ensure my eventual agreement. MMF, exh, bd, bi, mast, oral, reluc Tested - by W2beh - This story describes the re-kindling of passion between my wife and I, Woman seeking sex Honesdale a return to the naked depravity of our youth. It is written at her request, which was made to further demonstrate her ability to humble me.

It tells of a free night she and I had together, in which she explores my limits and her own fantasies by requiring me to service another guy. MMF, nc, wife, bi, bd Tested Again - by W2beh - My wife exercises her growing control over me once again, this time humiliating me in naked of a large group of my best friends, gathered for a poker game. She teases them as they drink, making them horny, then makes me service their needs.

Time and free I search out a transsexual escort to scratch an itch that shows up about every six months or so. Maybe it was part of getting older - he had just turned sixteen that past summer. Or it might have been the company. There would be all men in the Leary household this Thanksgiving, and Mike looked forward to seeing them all. One takes revenge on him and we see the fruits of that revenge. MM, nc, rp, 1st-gay-expr, oral, anal, tor, v, bd Part 2 Theater Slut - by Gene Moreland - As I walked out of the hot Arizona sun into the darkened sex shop, I gave a little shedder at the chill in the air and the smells assaulting my senses.

My cock, already stirring in my shorts. MMM, oral, rom Theokles And Woman want real sex Bart Pennsylvania Father - by Kip Hawk - A father in classical Athens watches his fourteen-year-old son at wrestling practice, then teaches him a thing or two about what made Greece so grand.

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MMF, reluc, bi, voy, oral Thirteen - by Karen - Another crossdressing story - "When I was thirteen years old, I went to stay at my cousin's house while my mother and aunt went away for a "mini vacation. Tony was my age and Jill, his sister was eighteen. While our mothers were away, she was going to "baby-sit" for us. Kavanagh - After seeing a naked male sculpture, two Victorian men compare their manhood.

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